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My 5 Habits are:

1. When i walk into the apt, i automatically check my IM before taking off my coat, to see if anyone has messaged me.
2. When i'm going down the escalator at work, if my hands are empty, i grip the handrails on either side and hold myself up over the steps for the duration of the ride.
3. I play with my hair. a lot. mostly just when i'm nervous, or relaxed, but also when i'm thinking or bored.
4. i feel more comfortable sitting on the floor if i'm nervous, and will inevitably end up there if it's a casual situation.
5. i have to look at food before i put it in my mouth

i tag... um... katie?
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damn right!

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In August instantdharma and I robbed a bank (-50 points). In January I gave cpm a kidney (1000 points). In June I gave ladypinksparkle a life-saving blood transfusion (50 points). In May I caught a purse-snatcher who stole duckssaymip's purse (30 points). Last Saturday I put money in troublemonkey's expired parking meter (14 points).

Overall, I've been nice (1044 points). For Christmas I deserve a new dolly!


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on another note: it's 5am, and i think my kitten is on drugs! :-P Damn it Mati!

more good quotes from work

"Dave is sexually harassing me with his tea!"

"Rum and coke is not ghetto!"

"I AM a drum machine... only if you press my buttons you don't get a samba. you just get hit on the head."

MR. BEAGELMAN QUOTES. (Beagelman is a customer, who might just be the devil. Kate described him perfectly when she said, "he sucks the joy out of life.")

Mike, over headset (on register): Hey EVERYONE! it's BEAGELMAN!!... I don't suppose I could take my 15 now?"
Various people (over headset): HELL NO!

"Scatter! Scatter like little bunnies!!!"
-Dave, on hearing that Mr. Beagelman was coming up to the third floor. (We all went and hid.)

Lula: Yana, where are you?
Me: I'm back in computers.
Lula: Why?
Me: Beagelman is lurking in the DVDs.
Lula: Oh shit... Come back to the sort room. That's where we're hiding.

Mike (whimpering over headset): Where the fuck is everyone?
Lula: We're hiding in the sort room.
Mike: That's not fair!
Lula: Mike. You're the sacrificial virgin. Deal with it.
Mike: But i'm not a virgin! HAH!.... oh, you know, i think i said that a lot louder than i meant to.

Me (over headset, under my breath): It would be so easy to knock one of those huge box sets off the top of the case and crush him.
Kate: He would just be reborn as Uber-Beagelman. he would have tentacles and fangs or something.


Chris (the store manager... such an awesome person!): ... so she told me to kiss her black ass and then spat in my face... oh hey Yana! How're you?

Roxanne (in a conversational tone): Hey guys, there's a man headed back to computers... He' s wearing a blue hat and a puffy coat and talking to himself and carrying a bottle... Don't approach him, ok? We're not sure if he's violent.

Lula: Ahhh the Phantom Masturbator is back I see.

Dave: You know the woman who was just in here buying those DVDs? When I came in she was standing on the corner asking people for spare change!
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i've figured out what i am to people: i'm that two seconds of silence after the dream ends, and right before they wake up.
and it's not poetic: it's a drag.

some quotes which have made me laugh this week

"what we need... is a goat."
-random co-worker stating the obvious.

(this exchange took place over the headsets at work.)
Kate: Yana, where are you right now?
Me: In the cage.
Kate: Where?
Me (louder): In the cage.
(Something like three minutes later Mike came running in, shut the cage door on me, and went running back out.)
Mike (over the headset): I've always wanted to do that!
(*side note: "The Cage" is actually the locked multi-media room, where we keep all the CD's and DVD's that aren't out on the sales floor. We don't actually have a cage in the back room:-P Well, i mean, it looks like one, but it's not technically one. I think they could get in trouble for caging employees.*)

"do you think she's naked under her clothes?"
-Mike, shelving men's magazines.

(*after the closing announcement was made at 7 on Sunday*)
Man: We have to go. They've closed.
Wife: They don't close until 10.
Man: They just said they're closed.
Wife: No, they don't close until 10.
Man: But they just said it.
Wife: Well but they don't close until 10.
Me (walking past): I'm very sorry, but we've closed for the night.
Wife: You don't close until 10.
Me: We close at 10 Monday through Friday, 9 on Saturday, and 7 on Sunday.
Wife: You've always closed at 10.
Me: Well...
Wife (interrupting): You've closed at 10 every other time i've been here!
(it went on like that for a while... finally she stalked out:-P)

-Danielle, upon finding someone still reading back in the science section 5 minutes after we closed.

"When someone is being really rude I just lose it. I'll totally walk away, or get them thrown in jail."

"I have a pink shirt... It says Pink Shirt on it."

Victor: I've never dated a tall girl. Most of the girls I've dated have come up to my navel. I think it would be kinda novel to date a girl taller than me.
Me: Try a basketball player.
Victor: No, dude, i'm a punk! I don't do sports!
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I got hit on the head by a book about Nazis...

no. really. i did. A book about the Third Reich (sp??) fell off the shelf and clocked me on the head tonight at work :-P all my co-workers say it's because my last name sounds Jewish.
Other than that, not a whole lot to report... Start rehearsals for "Biloxi Blues" next week, which is cool. I now have an AD and an SM, so my life is going to be way easier. The only slightly sucky thing is that John, (the guy who's producing the show, and also starring in it,) has a crush on the AD, so now they're spending all their time together. It feels like they have a "lovely select club of two" thing going on, which makes me wonder why he didn't just ask her to direct. (I'm going to ignore the whole side issue of how he and I were hanging out and talking a lot for a while there, and now we're not... I need to keep reminding myself that it's natural to forget everyone else when you have a crush, but it still kind of stings since he was my only bloody friend in the Philly area.) She's incredibly competent though, and mad cool, so I can't knock her on any level! Hopefully this all sorts it's self out and we don't end up with any awkward or unprofessional situations.
- Going to NYC tomorrow to get my hair cut, and then home to Bethlehem for the night before coming back to Philly early so I can get to work by 10am.
- Had my Grad Check today and the rumors are true: I am graduating in May!!!! all i need to take is German 52, English 200, my Capstone 300 level class, and my Library Skills test(????!?!?) and then i am GONE!!! WHOOOHOOOOO!!! Have decided against Grad school if i can help it, since right now I feel so bogged down in Academia that I'm about ready to eat my own head: 6 years of Uni will give anyone the worst case of Senioritis imaginable! I don't care what my fucking GPA is!! JUST GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF TEMPLE!!!!!
- Got an IM tonight from Lady Munch!!!! Katie, you rock my world on so many levels!!!!!!!!! I MISS YOU!!!!!! HO!

right.... and now i'm REALLY out of things to report, so I'm going to bed,
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homeward bound

so something is wrong... something is definitely wrong. i've spent every day of this week with a splitting head/neck/shoulder ache, keep waking up in the mornings dripping with sweat and completely dry mouthed despite the fact that i chug at least two bottles of water before i go to bed... i used to wake up having to pee. now i wake up feeling like if i don't drink something quickly i'll die. i've been dizzy and spaced feeling, can't concentrate in my classes, and alternate between feeling completely lethargic and weirdly hyper. but not a good hyper. a hyper that comes from being on drugs or something: a floaty out-of-control hyper.
I got a "D" on an exam I should have aced.
My legs and hips are constantly bruised from walking into things at work.
I broke down on the phone to my dad yesterday, while standing in the quad in front of the library, and started hysterically sobbing. (For those of you who know me you know that i HATE crying in front of friends/family, much less a whole quad full of strangers, so this was a completely weird thing for me to do.)
I keep almost breaking up with my boyfriend for absolutely no reason other than I'm terrified that I'm going to "bring him down" or he'll "get tired of me"...
At one point I thought maybe it was that I'm not getting enough to eat or getting enough sleep... But I don't feel any better after a week of eating fairly solidly, and sleep is out of the question since even if i go to bed by 11, I still wake up sweating and gritting my teeth in pain by 8 or so. And I wake up exhausted.

Been crying about grandma a lot too, which isn't totally unusual except my brain has started replaying every little scene from that day at random times: Everything from the first time I walked in the room and saw her in the bed, and she looked up at me and said "There you are. I've been waiting for you...", to the minute of her actual death, to sitting in the car park at Wegmans and calling Adam to tell him I wouldn't be coming back to Philly that night. (It was raining, and he offered to come up and take care of me.)

Anyway, I'm going home for the night... Possibly, if i don't feel any better tomorrow, i'll call out of work and go to the hospital.

Mung :-(
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