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Saturday, December 31st, 2005
5:34 am
chaz! warn someone when you tag them! :-P
My 5 Habits are:

1. When i walk into the apt, i automatically check my IM before taking off my coat, to see if anyone has messaged me.
2. When i'm going down the escalator at work, if my hands are empty, i grip the handrails on either side and hold myself up over the steps for the duration of the ride.
3. I play with my hair. a lot. mostly just when i'm nervous, or relaxed, but also when i'm thinking or bored.
4. i feel more comfortable sitting on the floor if i'm nervous, and will inevitably end up there if it's a casual situation.
5. i have to look at food before i put it in my mouth

i tag... um... katie?

Current Mood: moody
Friday, December 16th, 2005
12:00 pm
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to meeeeee
Happy birthday to me!

Current Mood: birthday!
Thursday, December 8th, 2005
9:49 am
damn right!
Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In August instantdharma and I robbed a bank (-50 points). In January I gave cpm a kidney (1000 points). In June I gave ladypinksparkle a life-saving blood transfusion (50 points). In May I caught a purse-snatcher who stole duckssaymip's purse (30 points). Last Saturday I put money in troublemonkey's expired parking meter (14 points).

Overall, I've been nice (1044 points). For Christmas I deserve a new dolly!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

on another note: it's 5am, and i think my kitten is on drugs! :-P Damn it Mati!
Saturday, November 12th, 2005
9:55 pm
i wish this was my real life
Your Superhero Profile

Your Superhero Name is The Wing Baby
Your Superpower is Magic
Your Weakness is Jealousy
Your Weapon is Your Thunder Cannon
Your Mode of Transportation is Llama
Monday, November 7th, 2005
11:32 pm
well well well
Katie, if i were a man, apparently i would be your boyfriend... well huh!

Marcus / Lizzy

What name suits you! there are tons on here so you will get a unique one!
brought to you by Quizilla
Saturday, November 5th, 2005
8:16 am
more good quotes from work
"Dave is sexually harassing me with his tea!"

"Rum and coke is not ghetto!"

"I AM a drum machine... only if you press my buttons you don't get a samba. you just get hit on the head."

MR. BEAGELMAN QUOTES. (Beagelman is a customer, who might just be the devil. Kate described him perfectly when she said, "he sucks the joy out of life.")

Mike, over headset (on register): Hey EVERYONE! it's BEAGELMAN!!... I don't suppose I could take my 15 now?"
Various people (over headset): HELL NO!

"Scatter! Scatter like little bunnies!!!"
-Dave, on hearing that Mr. Beagelman was coming up to the third floor. (We all went and hid.)

Lula: Yana, where are you?
Me: I'm back in computers.
Lula: Why?
Me: Beagelman is lurking in the DVDs.
Lula: Oh shit... Come back to the sort room. That's where we're hiding.

Mike (whimpering over headset): Where the fuck is everyone?
Lula: We're hiding in the sort room.
Mike: That's not fair!
Lula: Mike. You're the sacrificial virgin. Deal with it.
Mike: But i'm not a virgin! HAH!.... oh, you know, i think i said that a lot louder than i meant to.

Me (over headset, under my breath): It would be so easy to knock one of those huge box sets off the top of the case and crush him.
Kate: He would just be reborn as Uber-Beagelman. he would have tentacles and fangs or something.


Chris (the store manager... such an awesome person!): ... so she told me to kiss her black ass and then spat in my face... oh hey Yana! How're you?

Roxanne (in a conversational tone): Hey guys, there's a man headed back to computers... He' s wearing a blue hat and a puffy coat and talking to himself and carrying a bottle... Don't approach him, ok? We're not sure if he's violent.

Lula: Ahhh the Phantom Masturbator is back I see.

Dave: You know the woman who was just in here buying those DVDs? When I came in she was standing on the corner asking people for spare change!

Current Mood: dirty... i need a shower
Friday, October 28th, 2005
8:53 pm
i've figured out what i am to people: i'm that two seconds of silence after the dream ends, and right before they wake up.
and it's not poetic: it's a drag.
Monday, October 24th, 2005
3:40 pm
some quotes which have made me laugh this week
"what we need... is a goat."
-random co-worker stating the obvious.

(this exchange took place over the headsets at work.)
Kate: Yana, where are you right now?
Me: In the cage.
Kate: Where?
Me (louder): In the cage.
(Something like three minutes later Mike came running in, shut the cage door on me, and went running back out.)
Mike (over the headset): I've always wanted to do that!
(*side note: "The Cage" is actually the locked multi-media room, where we keep all the CD's and DVD's that aren't out on the sales floor. We don't actually have a cage in the back room:-P Well, i mean, it looks like one, but it's not technically one. I think they could get in trouble for caging employees.*)

"do you think she's naked under her clothes?"
-Mike, shelving men's magazines.

(*after the closing announcement was made at 7 on Sunday*)
Man: We have to go. They've closed.
Wife: They don't close until 10.
Man: They just said they're closed.
Wife: No, they don't close until 10.
Man: But they just said it.
Wife: Well but they don't close until 10.
Me (walking past): I'm very sorry, but we've closed for the night.
Wife: You don't close until 10.
Me: We close at 10 Monday through Friday, 9 on Saturday, and 7 on Sunday.
Wife: You've always closed at 10.
Me: Well...
Wife (interrupting): You've closed at 10 every other time i've been here!
(it went on like that for a while... finally she stalked out:-P)

-Danielle, upon finding someone still reading back in the science section 5 minutes after we closed.

"When someone is being really rude I just lose it. I'll totally walk away, or get them thrown in jail."

"I have a pink shirt... It says Pink Shirt on it."

Victor: I've never dated a tall girl. Most of the girls I've dated have come up to my navel. I think it would be kinda novel to date a girl taller than me.
Me: Try a basketball player.
Victor: No, dude, i'm a punk! I don't do sports!

Current Mood: i have a headache
Friday, October 21st, 2005
8:25 pm
I got hit on the head by a book about Nazis...
no. really. i did. A book about the Third Reich (sp??) fell off the shelf and clocked me on the head tonight at work :-P all my co-workers say it's because my last name sounds Jewish.
Other than that, not a whole lot to report... Start rehearsals for "Biloxi Blues" next week, which is cool. I now have an AD and an SM, so my life is going to be way easier. The only slightly sucky thing is that John, (the guy who's producing the show, and also starring in it,) has a crush on the AD, so now they're spending all their time together. It feels like they have a "lovely select club of two" thing going on, which makes me wonder why he didn't just ask her to direct. (I'm going to ignore the whole side issue of how he and I were hanging out and talking a lot for a while there, and now we're not... I need to keep reminding myself that it's natural to forget everyone else when you have a crush, but it still kind of stings since he was my only bloody friend in the Philly area.) She's incredibly competent though, and mad cool, so I can't knock her on any level! Hopefully this all sorts it's self out and we don't end up with any awkward or unprofessional situations.
- Going to NYC tomorrow to get my hair cut, and then home to Bethlehem for the night before coming back to Philly early so I can get to work by 10am.
- Had my Grad Check today and the rumors are true: I am graduating in May!!!! all i need to take is German 52, English 200, my Capstone 300 level class, and my Library Skills test(????!?!?) and then i am GONE!!! WHOOOHOOOOO!!! Have decided against Grad school if i can help it, since right now I feel so bogged down in Academia that I'm about ready to eat my own head: 6 years of Uni will give anyone the worst case of Senioritis imaginable! I don't care what my fucking GPA is!! JUST GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF TEMPLE!!!!!
- Got an IM tonight from Lady Munch!!!! Katie, you rock my world on so many levels!!!!!!!!! I MISS YOU!!!!!! HO!

right.... and now i'm REALLY out of things to report, so I'm going to bed,

Current Mood: jealous
Saturday, October 15th, 2005
12:45 pm
homeward bound
so something is wrong... something is definitely wrong. i've spent every day of this week with a splitting head/neck/shoulder ache, keep waking up in the mornings dripping with sweat and completely dry mouthed despite the fact that i chug at least two bottles of water before i go to bed... i used to wake up having to pee. now i wake up feeling like if i don't drink something quickly i'll die. i've been dizzy and spaced feeling, can't concentrate in my classes, and alternate between feeling completely lethargic and weirdly hyper. but not a good hyper. a hyper that comes from being on drugs or something: a floaty out-of-control hyper.
I got a "D" on an exam I should have aced.
My legs and hips are constantly bruised from walking into things at work.
I broke down on the phone to my dad yesterday, while standing in the quad in front of the library, and started hysterically sobbing. (For those of you who know me you know that i HATE crying in front of friends/family, much less a whole quad full of strangers, so this was a completely weird thing for me to do.)
I keep almost breaking up with my boyfriend for absolutely no reason other than I'm terrified that I'm going to "bring him down" or he'll "get tired of me"...
At one point I thought maybe it was that I'm not getting enough to eat or getting enough sleep... But I don't feel any better after a week of eating fairly solidly, and sleep is out of the question since even if i go to bed by 11, I still wake up sweating and gritting my teeth in pain by 8 or so. And I wake up exhausted.

Been crying about grandma a lot too, which isn't totally unusual except my brain has started replaying every little scene from that day at random times: Everything from the first time I walked in the room and saw her in the bed, and she looked up at me and said "There you are. I've been waiting for you...", to the minute of her actual death, to sitting in the car park at Wegmans and calling Adam to tell him I wouldn't be coming back to Philly that night. (It was raining, and he offered to come up and take care of me.)

Anyway, I'm going home for the night... Possibly, if i don't feel any better tomorrow, i'll call out of work and go to the hospital.

Mung :-(

Current Mood: thirsty
Thursday, October 13th, 2005
12:19 pm
Heh heh heh
So I've noticed something:
Whenever sirens go off down the street, a bunch of people from the apartment building across from mine rush out onto their balconies to see what's going on. It's amusing. There must be something going on to the south, 'cause police cars and fire trucks keep going down Broad street, and every time one approaches I see doors open and heads pop out... Heh heh heh. Well I guess people need to get their kicks somehow.
Speaking of people getting their kicks: I have been informed by an annoying yet reliable source, that I am apparently dating John Kollmer. Surprised? So were we! I guess that's what we get for spending so much time together :-P Ahh the theater dept... how they need lives! Spent about 10 minutes standing on a street corner laughing about it, and then our hug goodbye turned into an entire skit about various people suddenly leaping out of the bushes shouting "HAH! I knew it!" and alternately rushing off to tell everyone else, or bursting into tears of joy that one of their predictions about me had FINALLY turned out to be true. (Their track record is pretty bad: They predicted I would come out during "Stop Kiss" and that didn't happen; they predicted Stephy and I would start dating and that didn't even have a remote chance of happening; I've been romantically linked to Monkey, Andy, and Bitner repeatedly over the past couple of year and... well... ok Bitner used to make out with me, but romance was never in the air and the other two think I'm a boy :-P; Tom and I were apparently dating during "Six Degrees," which is even less plausible than Stephy and I ending up together; I apparently stole Jess Lewis's boyfriend, which, considering I was 15 and he was 21, was not only implausible but would have broken several laws; despite having two broken ribs and having an upper-respiratory infection, there was a rumor started that I was faking being sick during "Laramie Project." (interesting side note: That rumor was started by Bitner, which just goes to show once again that "friends" in the theater dept. can't be trusted worth beans!); there was also a rumor started that I was faking during "Six Degrees," and that my Grandmother was not actually dying. now why someone would fake that, I don't know, but hey. I guess some people will do anything for attention...)
Anyway, y'all get the picture. John and I are considering just randomly having a hardcore make-out session on one of the tables in the atrium, just to fuck with everyone's heads, but we first need written permission from my boyfriend.
My boyfriend who is not John :-P
Or else I'll just bring Bunny in, stand him on a table and say "HERE! SATISFIED?!?!"... except that could very easily result in Tom running up, shouting "SO THIS IS THE OBSTACLE TO OUR LOVE!!!" and drawing his knife. Which would just be unpleasant for everyone involved, especially Tom, who would somehow end with his eyelids shoved up his nose and his knife safely tucked somewhere where the sun don't shine.
Speaking of Tom; John and Ankit think he was the one who vandalized the "Biloxi" cast list... Either him, or one of the girls, although I think it's more likely that it was just a random thing. I mean, it was obviously done on purpose, but is anyone out there really that petty?!?!?
wait... don't answer that :-P

So far today has turned out to be amusingly interesting, and it's not even 1 o'clock yet.
OK... now time to find food...

Current Mood: giggly
Monday, October 10th, 2005
10:04 pm
i'm drunk and making a mix CD.
anyone who wants a copy, let me know.
it's should be weird... and angsty.
i'm angst ridden right now.

"there's nothing in my deams;
just some ugly memories."
Saturday, October 8th, 2005
6:09 pm
stupid thingy while i wait for monkey to call
Go to google.com and type "(your name) needs" Then post your results.

"Yana needs help"

"Yana needs your support"

"Yana needs to be kicked out"

"Yana needs to be treated with more sensitivity in India"

"Yana needs to make a name for herself"

"Yana needs your financial support"

"Yana needs volunteers to answer Santa letters"

"Yana needs a blood transfusion"

"Yana needs him."

"Yana needs to chill"

"Yana needs to lend us all her girl powa"

Apparently my name is an acronym for "You Are Not Alone: A High Dose Chemotherapy Support Group"

Current Mood: it's raining
Monday, October 3rd, 2005
1:31 am
that is my dream; that is my nightmare
i'm supposed to be working on a paper right now, but my mind is going in a million different directions and i can't concentrate.
firstly, i can't stop thinking about my ex. not in a romantic way, but in a perplexed way: i found out the other night that he's been seeing someone for about five months. after all the weird shit the two of us have gone through recently, and he's seeing someone?!? i don't quite understand. he's miffed that i'm seeing someone, and yet he's seeing someone?!? is there a logic to this?
also this whole thing with Tom... He's a sweet guy, but i feel totally bewildered that he would dump his fiancee and be ever hopeful, when i'm walking around inserting "my boyfriend" into every conversation opening i can. He says things like "it's just enough to be around you," and "you have a beautiful smile," and "i'm so greateful that you're even talking to me right now"... i suppose what he doesn't understand, and can never understand, is that what happened between us before was kind of overshadowed by the fact that i had just lost my grandmother and was existing in an alternate reality, for the sake of self preservation: his tantrum meant nothing. it happened on the outside of a bubble and bounced off the surface. i had more important things going on: christ, i was punching walls and splitting my knuckles open and throwing up everything i tried to eat and crying 24/7 and my mother was drinking heavily and falling spectacularly apart... so tom threw a small hissy fit 'cause he thought i was ignoring him. so what. life goes on.
i just wish he understood that i'm not the answer to his problems.
i'm not the answer to anyone's problems: not even my own, at the moment.

i keep having nightmares involving a certain someone, mostly centered around me going to his new years eve party, walking into a room, and finding him making out with someone else. in the dream neither one knows i've seen them, so after a few minutes i slip away. and it's like i become invisible: no one notices when i go out the front door. i usually wake up shortly after that, sometimes crying and sometimes not.

i think that's part of the reason i'm so hesitant about going to his party, and why i probably won't in the end: i would feel like an intruder. right now i'm The Girlfriend With No Face; none of his friends know me, and that can be a comforting thing because i can either exist or not, depending. as a "friend" pointed out, "he can choose who to tell about you. if he wants to mack on some hot chick he can pretend he's single, and who's going to prove him wrong? it's not like he has to worry about you walking in on him." i wouldn't want him to not have fun because he felt the need to entertain me, or act differently because i was there.

well hell, that's a couple of months away. i'll cross that bridge when i come to it.

i'm fucking exhausted, have to finish this paper, but don't really care either way.
i just don't care anymore.

Current Mood: exhausted
Sunday, October 2nd, 2005
2:14 am
quiz time?

You Are Beer!

You don't need to get totally wasted when you hit the bars.
More of a social drinker, you just like to have fun with your friends.
And as long as the beer keeps flowing, you're a happy camper.
But don't mix things up: "Beer Before Liquor, Never Been Sicker!"

Thursday, September 29th, 2005
12:46 pm
12:38 pm
have yourself a little Swayze Moment
it's amazing what Patrick Swayze can to do a person: Walked across campus listening to "She's Like The Wind" at top volume today, and realized that it was bringing an insane sort of grin to my face.
Hee hee hee! Tremble Homies, with your gangsta' rap! i'm an unhinged white chick listening to the "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack: they're just lucky i didn't to the interpretive dance which goes along with it ;-)

Current Mood: weird
Wednesday, September 28th, 2005
9:33 am
for the ninja sloth
oh how i pity the first years living with her highness this time around...

"He (Andrew, a 24 year old first year,) also spent all thursday & friday referring to our future flatmates as "children" and coming up with ways to discipline them and ensure silence ("there will be no fun, there will be no noise, no posters unless they are submitted to me..."). At first we were a little concerned as to whether he was joking or not with some of the stuff he says, but I've decided I like him alot. He & us older girls have formed a bit of an alliance, to try and preserve our sanity."

yes, sometimes it's necessary to ask people to quiet down, but you're gonna get a better response if you just pull a "hey guys, i'm really sorry but i have to get up tomorrow. could you please either keep it down or take it elsewhere." than if you, oh, say, chuck a full glass of water on them. obviously there are gonna be times where force is necessary, (ie. The Irish,) but if you start the year out with that kind of attitude then you're NOT gonna be well liked and people are going to be more inclined to try and piss you off. (or threaten to wee on your door.)
and calling people "children"??? i was 16 when i entered uni for the first time, and i HATED being reminded that i was the youngest. i hated it right up until i hit 20, when it sort of stopped mattering (and i left the country, which might have been why it didn't matter anymore...) if someone talked down to me just because i was younger, i would become extremely bitter: keep in mind, these people are doing the same work as you, living on their own (same as you,) and trying to stay afloat SAME AS YOU! They're younger but that doesn't make them second class citizens. I mean, i joke about "the horrible freshmen" at Temple, but that's mainly when i'm stuck behind a gaggle of them and they're making me late for class because they can't figure out where they're supposed to be:-P and in truth, i accept that that kind of situation (that that?) could happen to anyone.
i find it interesting that someone who whinges so much about being discriminated against, is so damn prejudice: Maybe you should look in a fucking mirror some time and realize that if you were nicer and more accepting, people wouldn't be so quick to ditch you/label you.

ok... that was the most pointless rant ever, i know...
it's out of my system now :-P

Current Mood: stressed
Friday, September 23rd, 2005
12:31 am
it's the little things that make me giggle
Me: night jellybean
Brian: night twizzler

hee hee hee.
Wednesday, September 21st, 2005
9:37 am
So the time is now 9:37 and I, being of soundish mind and a sort of sound body, have made the conscious decision to skip German. a.) i feel like there is an elephant dancing on my neck and i think if i have to carry that sodding book bag with the unholy three of textbooks today, my shoulders might go into a form of rebellion and completely detach themselves from my body. b.) i need to finish the reading for my two lit classes.
i hate doing this, but German is the class i'll have the easiest time catching up in and i honestly just couldn't face it today. am i an awful human being? probably :-P
Today should be interesting though... with the absence of German, it's gonna look like this:
Class from 12:40-2:30
BREAK, in which time i will read "The Great (Sodding) Gatsby" and finish "The Beggar's Opera."
4:30(ish): Production meeting with His Royal Highness.
BREAK, in which i will read more of "The Great (Sodding) Gatsby" and probably e-mail my buddy from German class to find out what i missed.
7:55 will find me in the Tuttleman computer lab, signing on to Blackboard for what Peter G. has termed "one of those utterly ridiculous on line chat things" for my English 115 project. (Temple really needs to rethink the format of these things. Honestly, wtf? why can't we just meet like normal people?!? why do we need to do an online chat?! and why, in this age of technological wonder, can't temple format it's websites to run on macs? answer me that!)
9ish will see me headed home, hopefully.

And since i don't have class tomorrow... :-D

Yesterday was awesome, though... got lot's of stuff done, and got to talk to/hang out with four of the most wonderful people i know:
I attacked poor Chaz when he was on his way to class, 'causing passersby to ask if they should phone 911. (I responded in the negative, and since i was sitting on his head they ignored/didn't hear his muffled cries for help.) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I forced my poor twin to hang out with me, even if it was only for 10 minutes. Well never mind: Yesterday 10 minutes, tomorrow the world! (*insert evil laughter here*)
Peter G. made an amazing dinner for me, and we caught up on old times... It was so lovely. He's such a lovely insane man! Next week I'm making dinner for him!
JEN CALLED ME FROM CALIFORNIA!!!! and we talked about England, and Taylor-bashed, and caught up on what has happened since, wished we could go back in time, and came up with a whole scenario involving Paper Pants ;-) (also came up with scenarios involving Taylor getting eaten by a swan, and Taylor getting chased across the lawn by Jen wielding her cricket bat... Just like old times!) I love miss Jen!!! the only thing which would have made it even better (apart from the obvious having her here instead of on the phone) was if Katie had been on the line with us!
Talked to the Bunny about many....er.... things, and realized that he's not only my boyfriend, but he's also my friend friend. And he's very VERY weird! very VERY VERY weird! Like, we're talking "on drugs" type strange here :-P

OK, well since the official reason i'm skipping class is in order to get my reading done, i should probably go do that...

Current Mood: devious
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